Nominate an Employee

Is your friend, family member, or healthcare provider continually performing outstanding work? Do you notice a fellow employee who always has a positive attitude or has innovated processes in his or her department? Nominate CHI Texas Division employees for our Employee Spotlight program.

How We’re Living
Our Mission:

Service to the Poor and Vulnerable

This is a key part of our Mission. We track our progress by looking at the percentage of our total care provided to those who are most in need (charity care, self-pay and Medicaid).

Employee Engagement

As a CHI employee, you bring our Mission to life. Your engagement in both your work and CHI creates a direct, positive effect on all we do, making this measure critical to our overall success.

Physician Satisfaction

Physicians are vital to our patient’s quality of care and the health of our system. We measure four key drivers of physician satisfaction within our hospitals.


We measure seven nationally recognized key indicators for a patient’s quality of care during their hospital stay.

Patient Experience

Providing a positive patient experience is at the center of everything we do. That’s why we compare our patient experience to nationally recognized key indicators.


Our patients rely on us for their safety during their hospital stay, so we compare our safety to eight nationally recognized key indicators.


Our goal is to reach more people in our communities. We measure this by looking at the percentage increase in our total operating revenue in existing markets.


This measure focuses on the number of individuals who choose our doctors as their wellness and care partners in insurance plans.

Operating EBIDA

Our financial health is important to continue our Mission. We use our operating income, before interest depreciation and amortization, to measure our financial health.