Employee Spotlight:
Heather Lockler

CHI St. Joseph Health

Health Outpatient Rehab
Department: Cardiac Rehab
Title: Exercise Physiologist II
How They're Living Our Mission: Transformation & Operational Improvement, Patient Experience
Heather Lockler, Exercise Physiologist II in the Cardiac Rehab department at CHI St. Joseph Health Outpatient Rehab, has shown time and time again how much she cares by the hard work she puts in each and every day. She makes sure her department is compliant with any changes to the national AACVPR requirements and implements the necessary changes to the department’s operations. Heather’s vigilance in this regard has helped keep standards high so we can consistently provide our patients with the best care available. While performing her daily duties and projects to high standards, Heather also shows compassion and empathy for our patients. As a patient-focused, compassionate and effective employee, Heather is truly a wonderful asset to our system, and her colleagues are very grateful to have her on their team.